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BT sanitary treatment


Bönnelyche & Thuröe, originally a Danish company, moved their production of herbicides from Malmö to Teckomatorp in 1965. At that time the company was almost the sole producer of herbicides in Sweden. Kemisk Veaerk in Köge A/S bought in 1971 Bönnelyche &Thuröes herbicide production from the Höganäscompany.

After the purchase, the company was named BT Kemi witch business was at that time situated in the shut down sugar beet factory in Teckomatorp. The same year, 1971, hundreds of poison barrels containing leftovers from the herbicide production were dug down within the factory area - and all this without any knowledge to the rest of the world. Further more chemicals packed in big metal barrels gets dug down and covered up at the same time as some of the poisonous stuff is being flushed straight out into the river Braån. A bad smell is spreading around the village of Teckomatorp and along the river Braån. The inhabitants of Teckomatorp signs petitions against the company demanding the activities to stop.

Not until 1975 did the local inhabitants see the results of their work with trying to stop the company's further production, when around 200 poison barrels were dug up. Malmö district court sentence the company BT Kemi to pay 500 000 SEK for compensation to a private person whose crops been destroyed by the poison discharge. Media, both nationally and internationally, is covering the "poison scandal" in Teckomatorp. The question of the company's further existence is dealt with at government level and the decision that the production shall stop is made.

BT Kemi was made bankrupt and one of Sweden's - and Europe's - biggest poison scandals in modern time was a fact. 1978 the State makes a first attempt to sanitize the area of 45 acres from poisons, which was not completely successful. During the years up until today has the question of a following up treatment of the area been one of Svalövs municipality's top priorities.

The issue is of such importance for Svalövs municipality - and the village of Teckomatorps further development, that it's been made a long term aim in the municipality's development strategy under the title strategic fields of objectives for the environment & nature.

After several discussions at different levels with both the County Administrative Board and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency have all parties concerned now come to an agreement to take a first step to investigate if there is another possibility to make a final sanitation of the area.

Svalövs municipality is leading the project to get an advisory report where suggestions for possible sanitation treatment methods are to be presented. Not until this has been accomplished can the final sanitation treatment start.

Publicerad: 2019-04-02

Sidansvarig: Helena Svensson

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